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Clinical Research

Clinical Research Studies

If you’re interested in participating in clinical research studies, you can trust Thomas Dermatology, with locations in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, to provide exceptional care. The practice also has several new locations in Bullhead City, Kingman, and Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The experienced team has a clinical research branch, offering the latest drug and treatment trials to patients at no charge. To participate or learn more, call the nearest office or schedule an appointment online today.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research at Thomas Dermatology offers eligible patients opportunities to enroll in clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. The trials provide products and services free of charge, and patients have opportunities for compensation. Clinical research helps answer specific questions regarding a variety of skin conditions.

What do clinical researchers study?

Clinical research studies at Thomas Dermatology often study the following dermatologic conditions and their treatments:

  •  Psoriasis
  •  Acne
  •  Eczema
  •  Precancerous growths
  •  Rosacea 

Researchers complete clinical trials under strict criteria and regulations that maximize safety and protect the health of patients. Safety is a top priority.

What are the benefits of clinical research?

Some of the many benefits you can experience by participating in clinical research at Thomas Dermatology include:

  •  Access to effective medications
  •  Free treatments
  •  No health insurance needed
  •  Monetary compensation in some cases

Participants can play a vital role in the advancement of dermatologic medicine, allowing new treatments to become FDA-approved in the United States. Participation in studies can make a dramatic difference in future patient care.

Is clinical research participation right for me?

To find out if you’re a candidate for clinical research at Thomas Dermatology, the expert team discusses your medical history and the symptoms you may have. They complete a physical examination, evaluating the skin on your face, neck, body, or other areas of concern. 

Your provider discusses your desired outcome, reviews the pros and cons of each research study, and lets you know what to expect during clinical trial participation.

What happens during clinical research trials?

During dermatology treatments administered during clinical trials, you might receive oral medicines, topical medications, injections, or innovative technological procedures.

Your provider answers questions you may have about your treatment and evaluates immediate and long-term outcomes. Follow-up with your provider over the course of the study and undergo repeat procedures if needed.

Depending on the type of treatment you receive during clinical research trials, you could experience temporary side effects, many of which are mild.

To learn more about clinical research and find out if it’s right for you, call the nearest Thomas Dermatology office or schedule an appointment online today.

Interested in participating?

If you're interested in participating in a clinical research study please call our office or fill out the form below.